Distance fom Yemen

Distance from Yemen to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Yemen. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Aden to San Juan 12974.3 km
Aden to Guatemala City 14267.6 km
Aden to Basrah 1980.77 km
Sana'a to Karaj 2365.28 km
Aden to Nagano 9450.96 km
Aden to Port-au-Prince 12332.62 km
Aden to Diwaniyah 2125.1 km
Aden to Sangli 3207.36 km
Aden to San Pedro Sula 13985.08 km
Sana'a to Multan 3233.05 km
Aden to Colorado Springs 13492.25 km
Aden to Baicheng 8057.33 km
Sana'a to Konya 2746.62 km
Al Hudaydah to Cuautitlán Izcalli 14395.2 km
Al Hudaydah to Depok 7427.2 km
Sana'a to Mauá 10753.49 km
Sana'a to Miami 12474.86 km
Al Hudaydah to Chișinău 3800.49 km
Al Hudaydah to Garoua 3271.7 km
Sana'a to Lanzhou 6304.21 km
Sana'a to Kobe 9145.06 km
Al Hudaydah to Kawagoe 9633.23 km
Sana'a to Murcia 5092.72 km
Al Hudaydah to Fukuoka 8884.88 km
Al Hudaydah to Dongguan 7447.84 km
Sana'a to Gifu 9264.41 km
Al Hudaydah to Brussels 5282.48 km
Sana'a to Kabul 3279.04 km
Al Hudaydah to Hyderabad 2897.72 km
Al Hudaydah to Shahjahanpur 4078.46 km
Ibb to Yarim 43.24 km
Dhamar to Al Hudaydah 158.71 km
Yarim to Ibb 43.24 km
Dhamar to Zabid 122.68 km
Al Hazm to Sana'a 108.04 km
Al Hazm to Lahij 344.76 km
Bayt al Faqih to Ibb 109.35 km
Bayt al Faqih to Yarim 116.41 km
Hajjah to Aden 355.81 km
Ataq to Sahar 285.25 km
Al Hazm to Yarim 210.92 km
Yarim to Lahij 148.33 km
Zabid to Ibb 94.79 km
Bayt al Faqih to Zabid 34.93 km
Bayt al Faqih to Sana'a 132.69 km
Dhamar to Sana'a 93.46 km
Dhamar to Al Mukalla 509.95 km
Lahij to Ibb 127.69 km
Hajjah to Sahar 86.7 km
Dhamar to Sahar 85.81 km
Bayt al Faqih to Lahij 233.93 km
Lahij to Dhamar 173.94 km
Al Hazm to Hajjah 136.51 km
Yarim to Zabid 114.68 km
Hajjah to Zabid 168 km
Hajjah to Al Hudaydah 120.75 km
Hajjah to Al Mukalla 608.76 km
Zabid to Sayyan 152.93 km
Yarim to Aden 180.1 km
Ataq to Lahij 267.37 km
Ataq to Sayyan 278.37 km
Ataq to Aden 273.52 km
Al Hazm to Ibb 251.84 km
Yarim to Sana'a 120.37 km
Zinjibar to Ibb 160.81 km
Sayyan to Sahar 16.44 km
Zabid to Al Hudaydah 77.68 km
Al Hazm to Dhamar 183.09 km
Aden to Arak 2404.9 km
Al Mukalla to Al Hudaydah 666.56 km
Hajjah to Sayyan 97.6 km
Lahij to Al Hudaydah 284.92 km
Zabid to Aden 241.5 km
Al Hazm to Bayt al Faqih 239.94 km
Bayt al Faqih to Hajjah 133.71 km
Lahij to Sana'a 267.28 km
Aden to Antalya 3027.86 km
Aden to Diadema 10743.98 km
Aden to Erbil 2593.2 km
Bayt al Faqih to Zinjibar 270.14 km
Yarim to Al Mukalla 513.21 km
Zinjibar to Dhamar 189.56 km
Dhamar to Aden 205.32 km
Aden to Subang Jaya 6314.07 km
Aden to Doha 1541.82 km
Ataq to Hajjah 370.66 km
Al Hazm to Al Hudaydah 247.15 km
Zabid to Dhamar 122.68 km
Ataq to Al Hazm 284.94 km
Dhamar to Sayyan 69.39 km
Hajjah to Dhamar 153.37 km
Lahij to Hajjah 323.84 km
Ataq to Sana'a 298.79 km
Yarim to Ataq 265.82 km
Bayt al Faqih to Al Hudaydah 51.18 km
Hajjah to Ataq 370.66 km
Aden to Cairo 2380.82 km
Aden to Corrientes 12017.29 km
Aden to Xinyang 7303.36 km
Hajjah to Lahij 323.84 km