Distance fom Uruguay

Distance from Uruguay to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Uruguay. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Montevideo to Izhevsk 14316.31 km
Montevideo to Khulna 16444.26 km
Montevideo to South Tangerang 15107.31 km
Montevideo to Rajahmundry 15415.65 km
Montevideo to Baltimore 8479.61 km
Montevideo to Columbus 8734.93 km
Montevideo to Antofagasta 1858.43 km
Montevideo to Kaduna 8363.76 km
Montevideo to Shahjahanpur 15811.11 km
Montevideo to Dublin 10897.76 km
Florida to Pando 72.41 km
Maldonado to Salto 480.36 km
Florida to San José de Mayo 52.85 km
Florida to Montevideo 89 km
Florida to Progreso 62.68 km
Santa Lucía to San José de Mayo 32.28 km
Florida to Canelones 46.63 km
Florida to Minas 95.3 km
Las Piedras to Salto 403.72 km
Minas to Pando 77.05 km
Santa Lucía to Pando 49.74 km
Pando to Progreso 24.6 km
Florida to Santa Lucía 42.46 km
Florida to Durazno 84.66 km
Carmelo to Pontevedra 91.03 km
Florida to Las Piedras 68.41 km
Paysandú to Melo 366.48 km
Pando to Montevideo 27.83 km
La Paz to Santa Lucía 36.07 km
Canelones to La Paz 26.13 km
Las Piedras to Paysandú 317.8 km
Canelones to Minas 97.92 km
Progreso to Canelones 17.47 km
Progreso to Las Piedras 5.74 km
Santa Lucía to La Paz 36.07 km
Progreso to Pando 24.6 km
Pando to Minas 77.05 km
La Paz to Florida 71.97 km
Maldonado to Montevideo 111.01 km
Maldonado to Paysandú 408.12 km
La Paz to San José de Mayo 63.93 km
Las Piedras to Maldonado 117.67 km
Pando to Florida 72.41 km
Pando to Las Piedras 23.66 km
San Carlos to Rocha 65.01 km
Florida to La Paz 71.97 km
La Paz to Progreso 9.37 km
Maldonado to Melo 289.85 km
Las Piedras to Melo 321.85 km
Carmelo to Quilmes 79.98 km
Santa Lucía to Florida 42.46 km
Progreso to Minas 96.41 km
Paysandú to Salto 103.24 km
Pando to La Paz 25.48 km
Santa Lucía to Las Piedras 33.63 km
San José de Mayo to Progreso 58.64 km
Paysandú to Maldonado 408.12 km
Carmelo to Dolores 52.13 km
Maldonado to Rivera 446.88 km
Minas to Rocha 83.93 km
Carmelo to Tigre 54.49 km
Colonia Del Sacramento to Carmelo 65.78 km
Canelones to Montevideo 44.02 km
Canelones to Progreso 17.47 km
La Paz to Montevideo 18.07 km
Dolores to Fray Bentos 45.04 km
Rivera to Melo 207.79 km
Rivera to Montevideo 447.16 km
Pando to Maldonado 94.48 km
Santa Lucía to Montevideo 54.11 km
La Paz to Canelones 26.13 km
La Paz to Pando 25.48 km
Carmelo to Mercedes 86.36 km
Colonia Del Sacramento to La Plata 52.17 km
Santa Lucía to Progreso 28.63 km
Progreso to Santa Lucía 28.63 km
Rivera to Paysandú 286.03 km
Progreso to Montevideo 26.67 km
Paysandú to Las Piedras 317.8 km
Las Piedras to Rivera 427.57 km
Progreso to Florida 62.68 km
San José de Mayo to Florida 52.85 km
Paysandú to Montevideo 337.58 km
Paysandú to Rivera 286.03 km
Tacuarembó to Maldonado 364.15 km
San José de Mayo to Montevideo 80.82 km
Carmelo to Campana 64.96 km
San José de Mayo to Pando 81.58 km
Tacuarembó to Rivera 100.91 km
Paysandú to Tacuarembó 207.8 km
Pando to Santa Lucía 49.74 km
Maldonado to Tacuarembó 364.15 km
Las Piedras to Montevideo 21.01 km
Progreso to La Paz 9.37 km
Rivera to Salto 235.93 km
San José de Mayo to Las Piedras 62.58 km
Canelones to Las Piedras 23.01 km
Canelones to San José de Mayo 44.72 km
San José de Mayo to Santa Lucía 32.28 km
Tacuarembó to Melo 183.93 km