Distance fom Trinidad and Tobago

Distance from Trinidad and Tobago to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Trinidad and Tobago. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Arima to Port of Spain 27.91 km
Rio Claro to Tunapuna 45.16 km
Rio Claro to Sangre Grande 31.39 km
Rio Claro to Chaguanas 35.32 km
Rio Claro to San Fernando 32.49 km
Arima to Chaguanas 19.31 km
Arima to San Fernando 42.88 km
Sangre Grande to Arima 15.18 km
Tunapuna to Sangre Grande 29 km
Scarborough to Tunapuna 92.32 km
Chaguanas to San Fernando 26.53 km
Scarborough to Sangre Grande 78.94 km
San Fernando to Chaguanas 26.53 km
Sangre Grande to Chaguanas 31.55 km
Tunapuna to Arima 13.83 km
Arima to Scarborough 85.3 km
Arima to Rio Claro 36.12 km
Rio Claro to Port of Spain 55.15 km
Tunapuna to Port of Spain 14.17 km
Tunapuna to San Fernando 41.59 km
Rio Claro to Point Fortin 56.41 km
Rio Claro to Arima 36.12 km
Arima to Sangre Grande 15.18 km
Arima to Tunapuna 13.83 km
Sangre Grande to Rio Claro 31.39 km
Scarborough to Arima 85.3 km
Tunapuna to Scarborough 92.32 km
Tunapuna to Rio Claro 45.16 km
Tunapuna to Point Fortin 61.67 km
Point Fortin to San Fernando 25.43 km
Tunapuna to Chaguanas 15.09 km
Sangre Grande to San Fernando 49.61 km
Point Fortin to Rio Claro 56.41 km
Sangre Grande to Scarborough 78.94 km
Port of Spain to Sangre Grande 43.09 km
Sangre Grande to Point Fortin 74.68 km
Port of Spain to Arima 27.91 km
Port of Spain to Chaguanas 20.18 km
Arima to Point Fortin 66.3 km
Sangre Grande to Tunapuna 29 km
Sangre Grande to Port of Spain 43.09 km
Port of Spain to Tunapuna 14.17 km
Port of Spain to San Fernando 42.75 km
Point Fortin to Chaguanas 47.77 km
Point Fortin to Sangre Grande 74.68 km
Point Fortin to Port of Spain 57.69 km
Point Fortin to Arima 66.3 km
Port of Spain to Rio Claro 55.15 km
Point Fortin to Tunapuna 61.67 km
Port of Spain to Point Fortin 57.69 km