Distance fom Timor-Leste

Distance from Timor-Leste to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Timor-Leste. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Díli to Atambua 96.12 km
Díli to Suai 92.19 km
Díli to Maliana 61.48 km
Díli to Liquica 24.14 km
Díli to Baucau 97.69 km
Suai to Same 55.45 km
Díli to Maubara 40.41 km
Díli to Same 50.61 km
Suai to Aileu 75.23 km
Suai to Kefamenanu 87.88 km
Díli to Aileu 18.43 km
Suai to Atambua 48.69 km
Suai to Liquica 83 km
Suai to Maubara 79.48 km
Maliana to Suai 38.73 km
Suai to Maliana 38.73 km
Díli to Venilale 90.06 km
Maliana to Díli 61.48 km
Suai to Díli 92.19 km
Maliana to Same 47.69 km
Maliana to Liquica 46.61 km
Aileu to Atambua 85.62 km
Aileu to Suai 75.23 km
Maliana to Maubara 40.89 km
Maubara to Maliana 40.89 km
Maubara to Suai 79.48 km
Maubara to Díli 40.41 km
Aileu to Venilale 89.85 km
Aileu to Díli 18.43 km
Liquica to Maliana 46.61 km
Liquica to Same 56.68 km
Aileu to Liquica 28.04 km
Maubara to Same 64.95 km
Aileu to Maliana 48.5 km
Maliana to Atambua 38.1 km
Liquica to Díli 24.14 km
Maubara to Aileu 41.37 km
Maubara to Liquica 16.29 km
Aileu to Same 32.65 km
Maliana to Kefamenanu 95.85 km
Liquica to Suai 83 km
Baucau to Díli 97.69 km
Aileu to Maubara 41.37 km
Lospalos to Baucau 60.87 km
Liquica to Aileu 28.04 km
Liquica to Maubara 16.29 km
Venilale to Aileu 89.85 km
Maubara to Atambua 64.03 km
Maliana to Aileu 48.5 km
Baucau to Venilale 20.86 km
Baucau to Lospalos 60.87 km
Liquica to Atambua 76.34 km
Venilale to Díli 90.06 km
Venilale to Baucau 20.86 km
Venilale to Same 89.51 km
Lospalos to Venilale 69.56 km
Venilale to Lospalos 69.56 km
Same to Suai 55.45 km
Same to Maubara 64.95 km
Same to Díli 50.61 km
Same to Atambua 84.19 km
Same to Venilale 89.51 km
Same to Liquica 56.68 km
Same to Maliana 47.69 km
Same to Aileu 32.65 km