Distance fom The Gambia

Distance from The Gambia to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in The Gambia. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Banjul to Brikama 22.07 km
Banjul to Bignona 80.76 km
Bakau to Sukuta 9.02 km
Sukuta to Bakau 9.02 km
Bakau to Brikama 23.64 km
Brikama to Banjul 22.07 km
Banjul to Nioro Du Rip 92.78 km
Brikama to Ziguinchor 86.29 km
Brikama to Sukuta 16.78 km
Farafenni to Nioro Du Rip 27.11 km
Banjul to Sukuta 15.1 km
Bakau to Bignona 88.31 km
Farafenni to Guinguineo 86.19 km
Banjul to Joal Fadiout 85.79 km
Bakau to Banjul 10.47 km
Banjul to Bakau 10.47 km
Brikama to Bignona 68.1 km
Sukuta to Banjul 15.1 km
Sukuta to Joal Fadiout 87.01 km
Sukuta to Brikama 16.78 km
Brikama to Bakau 23.64 km
Bakau to Joal Fadiout 80.04 km
Farafenni to Sedhiou 95.49 km
Sukuta to Bignona 84.13 km
Farafenni to Kaffrine 61.09 km