Distance fom Slovenia

Distance from Slovenia to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Slovenia. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Kranj to Udine 88.67 km
Kranj to Celje 70.35 km
Kranj to Koper 91.21 km
Kranj to Villach 56.21 km
Kranj to Ljubljana 23.7 km
Koper to Udine 69.74 km
Koper to Trieste 11.85 km
Koper to Rijeka 60.88 km
Kranj to Gorizia 66.07 km
Kranj to Trbovlje 54.23 km
Koper to Kranj 91.21 km
Kranj to Velenje 59.67 km
Celje to Kranj 70.35 km
Kranj to Trieste 79.77 km
Kranj to Novo mesto 79.99 km
Celje to Velenje 18.22 km
Novo mesto to Kranj 79.99 km
Novo mesto to Zagreb 63.05 km
Koper to Pula 76.31 km
Koper to Pordenone 95.49 km
Ljubljana to Maribor 103.8 km
Maribor to Ljubljana 103.8 km
Ptuj to Celje 50.5 km
Koper to Portogruaro 74.22 km
Ptuj to Samobor 69.87 km
Celje to Maribor 45.51 km
Celje to Ptuj 50.5 km
Koper to Ljubljana 82.67 km
Celje to Karlovac 85.96 km
Koper to Oderzo 99.47 km
Novo mesto to Ptuj 87.46 km
Koper to Gorizia 44.42 km
Ptuj to Velenje 58.73 km
Celje to Zagreb 72.71 km
Novo mesto to Celje 49.33 km
Novo mesto to Maribor 91.44 km
Celje to Samobor 59.63 km
Celje to Wolfsberg 74.27 km
Ptuj to Zagreb 67.8 km
Ptuj to Varaždin 38.11 km
Velenje to Sesvete 97.59 km
Ptuj to Novo mesto 87.46 km
Velenje to Celje 18.22 km
Trbovlje to Ljubljana 42.99 km
Trbovlje to Celje 19.83 km
Trbovlje to Sesvete 90.06 km
Trbovlje to Velenje 24.09 km
Celje to Sesvete 79.79 km
Novo mesto to Zaprešić 49.63 km
Novo mesto to Ljubljana 58.92 km
Ptuj to Graz 79.46 km
Celje to Graz 93.31 km
Trbovlje to Zagreb 81.59 km
Velenje to Graz 82.67 km
Velenje to Zagreb 90.78 km
Velenje to Varaždin 94.6 km
Velenje to Trbovlje 24.09 km
Velenje to Kranj 59.67 km
Trbovlje to Karlovac 83.13 km
Ptuj to Trbovlje 70.24 km
Ptuj to Bjelovar 94.87 km
Ptuj to Čakovec 43.83 km
Novo mesto to Sesvete 73.14 km
Trbovlje to Kranj 54.23 km
Velenje to Maribor 46.34 km
Trbovlje to Wolfsberg 78.23 km
Velenje to Ljubljana 57.71 km
Trbovlje to Maribor 64.47 km
Novo mesto to Velika Kladuša 84.7 km
Novo mesto to Samobor 41.98 km
Velenje to Novo mesto 62.55 km
Trbovlje to Ptuj 70.24 km
Kranj to Monfalcone 80.14 km
Kranj to Spittal an der Drau 90.63 km
Kranj to Wolfsberg 76.19 km
Celje to Varaždin 82.72 km
Celje to Ljubljana 62.27 km
Celje to Čakovec 91.66 km
Celje to Zaprešić 59.46 km
Koper to San Donà di Piave 91.3 km
Novo mesto to Karlovac 45.5 km
Koper to Monfalcone 32.43 km
Celje to Trbovlje 19.84 km
Novo mesto to Velika Gorica 71.01 km
Celje to Novo mesto 49.33 km
Trbovlje to Novo mesto 40.03 km
Novo mesto to Velenje 62.55 km
Novo mesto to Trbovlje 40.03 km
Novo mesto to Rijeka 77.54 km
Celje to Velika Gorica 85.61 km
Ptuj to Wolfsberg 91.46 km
Koper to Cordenons 93.51 km
Ptuj to Zaprešić 62.76 km
Velenje to Wolfsberg 56.94 km
Trbovlje to Velika Gorica 93.44 km
Trbovlje to Samobor 64.57 km
Ptuj to Koprivnica 79.53 km
Velenje to Samobor 77.77 km
Ptuj to Maribor 22.79 km
Ptuj to Sesvete 68.48 km