Distance fom Rwanda

Distance from Rwanda to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Rwanda. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Kigali to Kibuye 79.8 km
Kigali to Akure 2943.09 km
Kigali to Wenshan 8488.44 km
Kigali to Salvador 7644.61 km
Kigali to Allahabad 6344.09 km
Kigali to Iquitos 11482 km
Kigali to Vitoria 7892.5 km
Kigali to Nanded 5670.52 km
Kigali to Andijan 6378.74 km
Kigali to Milwaukee 12400.17 km
Butare to Cyangugu 95.74 km
Butare to Kabanga 79.89 km
Butare to Kibuye 75.35 km
Butare to Muramvya 75.16 km
Kibuye to Bukavu 73.26 km
Kibuye to Kabare 75.02 km
Gisenyi to Goma 5.07 km
Butare to Kayanza 38.2 km
Kibuye to Gisenyi 42.18 km
Cyangugu to Butare 95.74 km
Gisenyi to Kigali 93.52 km
Gitarama to Kibuye 44.62 km
Butare to Bukavu 98.86 km
Gitarama to Goma 75.12 km
Butare to Kigali 80.3 km
Butare to Byumba 118.35 km
Gisenyi to Kibuye 42.18 km
Butare to Muyinga 70.51 km
Kibuye to Goma 45.63 km
Kibuye to Sake 62.84 km
Kibuye to Butare 75.35 km
Kibuye to Byumba 95.49 km
Gisenyi to Butare 115.44 km
Cyangugu to Gisenyi 97.68 km
Byumba to Kibuye 95.49 km
Cyangugu to Kigali 142.39 km
Kibuye to Gitarama 44.62 km
Gisenyi to Kabale 93.97 km
Cyangugu to Bukavu 3.86 km
Cyangugu to Byumba 164.32 km
Gitarama to Rwamagana 77.37 km
Rwamagana to Kigali 41.6 km
Gitarama to Kigali 37.57 km
Cyangugu to Kibuye 69.51 km
Gitarama to Gisenyi 70.16 km
Byumba to Kibungo 83.21 km
Byumba to Ntungamo 80.11 km
Kibuye to Cyangugu 69.51 km
Gitarama to Kayanza 94.12 km
Gitarama to Ngozi 91.15 km
Byumba to Cyangugu 164.32 km
Kibungo to Rwamagana 26.36 km
Butare to Gitega 93.69 km
Gitarama to Sake 96.68 km
Kibungo to Kabanga 53.46 km
Kibungo to Ngara 38.72 km
Cyangugu to Goma 98.01 km
Byumba to Gitarama 65.81 km
Byumba to Nyachera 84.45 km
Gisenyi to Cyangugu 97.68 km
Gitarama to Butare 57.5 km
Kibungo to Kigali 58.98 km
Rwamagana to Kabale 91.79 km
Rwamagana to Gitarama 77.37 km
Gisenyi to Byumba 90.62 km
Cyangugu to Gitarama 104.82 km
Cyangugu to Kayanza 94.41 km
Byumba to Gisenyi 90.62 km
Gisenyi to Sake 27.08 km
Cyangugu to Kabare 9.07 km
Byumba to Kigali 40.35 km
Kibungo to Gitarama 88.75 km
Gisenyi to Gitarama 70.16 km
Kibungo to Muyinga 79.71 km
Kibungo to Bugarama 78.09 km
Gitarama to Kibungo 88.75 km
Rwamagana to Rulenge 87.43 km
Kibungo to Byumba 83.21 km
Kibungo to Rulenge 62.09 km
Kibuye to Kigali 79.79 km
Rwamagana to Ngara 64.8 km
Byumba to Goma 94.88 km
Byumba to Kabale 37.45 km
Kigali to Merida 13165.35 km
Rwamagana to Byumba 57.63 km
Rwamagana to Kibungo 26.36 km
Rwamagana to Kabanga 76.2 km
Butare to Bugarama 91.85 km
Butare to Gisenyi 115.44 km
Butare to Bujumbura 96.53 km
Kigali to Belém 8739.68 km
Kigali to Dallas 13520.35 km
Kigali to Bryansk 6132.38 km
Kigali to Maturín 10410.16 km
Kigali to Morón 9770.09 km
Kigali to Cancún 12880.65 km
Kigali to Agra 6062.82 km
Kigali to Leeds 6836.14 km
Kigali to Hanoi 8619.4 km
Kigali to Jerusalem 3770.66 km