Distance fom Puerto Rico

Distance from Puerto Rico to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Puerto Rico. How far is a city in France to an other city.

San Juan to Dresden 7728.55 km
San Juan to Mogadishu 12200.31 km
San Juan to Jos 8098.86 km
San Juan to Doha 11716.71 km
San Juan to Arak 11076 km
Bayamón to Caguas 19.98 km
San Juan to Ado Ekiti 7785.86 km
San Juan to Jingdezhen 14710.63 km
San Juan to Wuhu 14470.16 km
San Juan to Al Qadarif 10701.51 km
Cayey to Manatí 48.99 km
San Juan to Toyota 13592.06 km
Cayey to Fajardo 59.26 km
Caguas to Trujillo Alto 13.16 km
Bayamón to San Juan 12.49 km
Cayey to Bayamón 28.48 km
Candelaria to Ponce 61.08 km
Caguas to Bayamón 19.98 km
Cayey to Caguas 19.71 km
Trujillo Alto to Bayamón 16.84 km
Bayamón to Carolina 22.08 km
Bayamón to Ponce 61.79 km
Cayey to Guayama 15.18 km
Arecibo to Ponce 51.52 km
Caguas to Ponce 66.24 km
Ponce to Caguas 66.24 km
Carolina to Caguas 17.74 km
Cayey to Carolina 37.05 km
Bayamón to Trujillo Alto 16.84 km
Cayey to Barceloneta 54.37 km
Caguas to San Juan 26.26 km
Carolina to San Juan 18.31 km
Cayey to Cataño 36.16 km
Levittown to Guayama 52.05 km
Carolina to Trujillo Alto 6.02 km
Cayey to Guaynabo 27.79 km
Levittown to Bayamón 9.09 km
Levittown to Manatí 32.27 km
Fajardo to Caguas 41.61 km
Guaynabo to Caguas 15.38 km
Levittown to Cayey 37.45 km
Arecibo to Bayamón 61.9 km
Bayamón to Guaynabo 5.95 km
Caguas to Carolina 17.74 km
Guaynabo to Ponce 65.59 km
Fajardo to Manatí 88.91 km
Carolina to Guaynabo 16.44 km
Cataño to Barceloneta 42.3 km
Fajardo to Cayey 59.26 km
Manatí to Humacao 76.35 km
Levittown to Cataño 4.77 km
Trujillo Alto to Guaynabo 10.96 km
Carolina to Bayamón 22.08 km
Carolina to Ponce 80.62 km
Ponce to Carolina 80.62 km
Guayama to Yauco 78.16 km
Trujillo Alto to Ponce 74.6 km
Humacao to Cayey 36.08 km
Arecibo to Cayey 72.24 km
Candelaria to Cataño 8.31 km
Cataño to Guaynabo 9.32 km
Levittown to Arecibo 59.44 km
Guayama to Cayey 15.18 km
Ponce to Bayamón 61.79 km
Cataño to Humacao 45.78 km
Levittown to Adjuntas 65.4 km
Guayama to Bayamón 42.98 km
Manatí to Levittown 32.27 km
Candelaria to Levittown 5.83 km
Arecibo to Caguas 78.81 km
Adjuntas to San Juan 73.32 km
Arecibo to Yauco 48.31 km
Candelaria to Fajardo 59.44 km
Barceloneta to Guayama 68.43 km
Guayama to Candelaria 47.56 km
Trujillo Alto to Carolina 6.02 km
Fajardo to Trujillo Alto 37.66 km
Barceloneta to Candelaria 35.21 km
Arecibo to Guaynabo 67.85 km
Candelaria to Bayamón 5.95 km
Cataño to Cayey 36.16 km
Fajardo to Guayama 61.75 km
Manatí to Adjuntas 38.82 km
Candelaria to Arecibo 56.89 km
Cataño to Manatí 36.77 km
Levittown to Fajardo 57.58 km
Guaynabo to Trujillo Alto 10.96 km
Arecibo to Cataño 64.04 km
Cataño to Carolina 20.12 km
Cayey to Candelaria 32.66 km
Humacao to Guayama 35.43 km
Manatí to Ponce 48.47 km
Guayama to Levittown 52.05 km
Cataño to Yauco 87.46 km
Adjuntas to Yauco 19.57 km
Humacao to Caguas 24.1 km
Ponce to San Juan 73.69 km
Manatí to Fajardo 88.91 km
Manatí to Carolina 56.18 km
Ponce to Trujillo Alto 74.6 km