Distance fom Norway

Distance from Norway to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Norway. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Oslo to Cheongju-si 7848.23 km
Oslo to Denver 7505.13 km
Oslo to Brazzaville 7127.56 km
Oslo to Brno 1250.65 km
Oslo to Bangkok 8680.17 km
Oslo to Bobo-Dioulasso 5549.96 km
Oslo to Changde 7835.52 km
Oslo to Canberra 15965.99 km
Oslo to Brest 1184.72 km
Oslo to Beira 9105.3 km
Horten to Oslo 57.38 km
Skien to Tromsø 1244.7 km
Sarpsborg to Oslo 73 km
Sarpsborg to Bergen 347.02 km
Skien to Oslo 101.83 km
Fredrikstad to Oslo 77.93 km
Skien to Kristiansand 148.76 km
Trondheim to Bergen 430.77 km
Skien to Trondheim 472.32 km
Drammen to Trondheim 410.94 km
Drammen to Oslo 36.08 km
Skien to Bergen 274.11 km
Fredrikstad to Drammen 71.51 km
Drammen to Stavanger 268.49 km
Fredrikstad to Skien 75.92 km
Drammen to Bergen 281.21 km
Sarpsborg to Trondheim 463.63 km
Drammen to Fredrikstad 71.51 km
Fredrikstad to Kristiansand 206.28 km
Oslo to Cleveland 6258.76 km
Sarpsborg to Tromsø 1213.29 km
Skien to Stavanger 223.56 km
Stavanger to Oslo 303.47 km
Sarpsborg to Skien 86.21 km
Fredrikstad to Stavanger 299.36 km
Halden to Fredrikstad 27.66 km
Sarpsborg to Stavanger 309.76 km
Skien to Drammen 68.6 km
Tromsø to Oslo 1150.95 km
Arendal to Skien 96.14 km
Stavanger to Tromsø 1344.87 km
Sarpsborg to Kristiansand 218.5 km
Fredrikstad to Trondheim 470.02 km
Fredrikstad to Bergen 340.82 km
Drammen to Tromsø 1177.8 km
Horten to Larvik 48.04 km
Stavanger to Sarpsborg 309.76 km
Sandefjord to Drammen 68.27 km
Trondheim to Oslo 392.35 km
Drammen to Kristiansand 216.71 km
Fredrikstad to Tromsø 1222.66 km
Halden to Larvik 78.33 km
Larvik to Sandefjord 13.76 km
Trondheim to Fredrikstad 470.02 km
Skien to Fredrikstad 75.92 km
Porsgrunn to Drammen 74.3 km
Stavanger to Bergen 160.02 km
Trondheim to Skien 472.32 km
Oslo to Camaguey 7898.71 km
Hamar to Oslo 99.66 km
Oslo to Eskisehir 2631.2 km
Tromsø to Sarpsborg 1213.29 km
Stavanger to Drammen 268.49 km
Skien to Sarpsborg 86.21 km
Stavanger to Skien 223.56 km
Fredrikstad to Sarpsborg 12.22 km
Drammen to Skien 68.6 km
Arendal to Larvik 98.2 km
Oslo to Novosibirsk 4147.72 km
Sandefjord to Oslo 92.3 km
Halden to Drammen 95.6 km
Halden to Sarpsborg 23.14 km
Oslo to Douala 6197.3 km
Oslo to Cherepovets 1528.75 km
Oslo to Nouakchott 5112.07 km
Oslo to Oita 8356.6 km
Tønsberg to Skien 46.23 km
Tromsø to Trondheim 789.31 km
Sandefjord to Skien 35.99 km
Arendal to Porsgrunn 91.05 km
Kongsberg to Drammen 32.31 km
Kongsberg to Moss 62.73 km
Lillehammer to Gjøvik 37.67 km
Trondheim to Sarpsborg 463.63 km
Kongsberg to Larvik 71.83 km
Oslo to Cuiabá 10264.78 km
Stavanger to Trondheim 556.34 km
Porsgrunn to Arendal 91.05 km
Sandefjord to Fredrikstad 42.25 km
Sarpsborg to Fredrikstad 12.22 km
Trondheim to Stavanger 556.34 km
Trondheim to Tromsø 789.31 km
Oslo to Cartagena 8803.76 km
Kristiansand to Sarpsborg 218.5 km
Oslo to Basrah 4272.02 km
Oslo to Chicago 6518.05 km
Trondheim to Kristiansand 601.27 km
Tromsø to Kristiansand 1383.8 km
Larvik to Skien 29.79 km
Horten to Sarpsborg 38.58 km