Distance fom Niger

Distance from Niger to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Niger. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Niamey to Mariupol' 4968.98 km
Niamey to Arusha 4253.03 km
Niamey to Prague 4206.46 km
Niamey to Bremen 4428.02 km
Niamey to Zhangzhou 11860.86 km
Niamey to Caracas 7488.4 km
Niamey to Al Qadarif 3596.06 km
Niamey to Latur 7935.86 km
Niamey to Amman 4004.55 km
Niamey to Baku 5507.55 km
Zinder to Agadez 366.07 km
Agadez to Maradi 396.94 km
Matameye to Zinder 69.84 km
Maradi to Niamey 540.75 km
Magaria to Maradi 203.35 km
Maradi to Katsina 77.44 km
Zinder to Niamey 745.31 km
Matameye to Daura 46.04 km
Maradi to Agadez 396.94 km
Gaya to Malanville 7.28 km
Zinder to Mirria 21.18 km
Zinder to Matameye 69.84 km
Tahoua to Niamey 373.02 km
Magaria to Matameye 66.59 km
Maradi to Tahoua 251.31 km
Zinder to Maradi 207.4 km
Magaria to Mirria 83.51 km
Magaria to Agadez 450.28 km
Magaria to Zinder 89.71 km
Magaria to Niamey 739.65 km
Birnin Konni to Sokoto 80.01 km
Magaria to Tahoua 445.5 km
Maradi to Zinder 207.39 km
Zinder to Magaria 89.71 km
Magaria to Daura 64.35 km
Matameye to Magaria 66.59 km
Agadez to Zinder 366.07 km
Maradi to Mayahi 80.14 km
Magaria to Gumel 66.25 km
Birnin Konni to Gwadabawa 48.24 km
Matameye to Mirria 80.72 km
Agadez to Niamey 737.5 km
Gaya to Kamba 23.02 km
Birnin Konni to Madaoua 82.84 km
Zinder to Tahoua 418.79 km
Tillabéri to Téra 78.64 km
Tahoua to Maradi 251.31 km
Tessaoua to Daura 87.42 km
Tibiri to Moriki 96.99 km
Madaoua to Dakoro 99.61 km
Mirria to Zinder 21.18 km
Tessaoua to Katsina 95.34 km
Matameye to Tessaoua 64.42 km
Illéla to Tahoua 46.93 km
Agadez to Tahoua 371.15 km
Mirria to Matameye 80.72 km
Tahoua to Agadez 371.15 km
Mayahi to Tessaoua 40.69 km
Madaoua to Illéla 88.87 km
Maradi to Moriki 94.12 km
Niamey to Basrah 5038.92 km
Tessaoua to Mayahi 40.69 km
Niamey to Mumbai 7540.95 km
Dakoro to Madaoua 99.61 km
Mayahi to Tibiri 79.39 km
Mirria to Magaria 83.51 km
Maradi to Tibiri 10.4 km
Mayahi to Maradi 80.14 km
Tillabéri to Ayorou 80.96 km
Illéla to Madaoua 88.87 km
Niamey to Casablanca 2428.22 km
Niamey to Manila 12613.66 km
Niamey to Miami 8612.52 km
Ayorou to Tillabéri 80.96 km
Tahoua to Illéla 46.93 km
Tessaoua to Matameye 64.42 km
Niamey to Bengbu 11446.41 km
Niamey to Jeonju-si 12070.74 km
Niamey to Kochi 8064.97 km
Madaoua to Birnin Konni 82.84 km
Niamey to Kursk 5215.12 km
Niamey to Makiivka 5057.63 km
Tahoua to Zinder 418.79 km
Téra to Ayorou 82.15 km
Niamey to Milwaukee 8997.97 km
Niamey to Bucaramanga 8242.54 km
Niamey to Cebu City 13082.25 km
Birnin Konni to Illéla 74.17 km
Niamey to Kollam 8124.87 km
Niamey to Birmingham 4336.71 km
Niamey to Jining 11259.38 km
Niamey to Damascus 4103.36 km
Niamey to Ahmednagar 7735.98 km
Niamey to Ashgabat 6150.58 km
Niamey to Merida 9658.74 km
Niamey to Brasília 6385.96 km
Niamey to Jilin 11532.31 km
Niamey to Jamnagar 7209 km
Niamey to Montevideo 8152.07 km
Tibiri to Mayahi 79.39 km