Distance fom Nicaragua

Distance from Nicaragua to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Nicaragua. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Managua to Laval 3895.87 km
Managua to Boston 3658.46 km
Managua to Beira 13700.82 km
Managua to Bissau 7667.3 km
Managua to Bydgoszcz 9866.9 km
Managua to Bareilly 15267.92 km
Managua to Larkana 14827.57 km
Managua to Klang 18128.19 km
Managua to Shenzhen 15581.87 km
Managua to Kobe 13234.39 km
Granada to Masaya 16.75 km
Granada to Managua 39.77 km
Granada to Estelí 134.44 km
Granada to Matagalpa 108.84 km
León to Chinandega 34.92 km
León to El Viejo 41.24 km
Jalapa to Somoto 68.32 km
Granada to El Viejo 155.23 km
León to Ciudad Sandino 63.22 km
Granada to Jinotega 129.18 km
Chinandega to Juigalpa 200.04 km
Chinandega to Estelí 98.53 km
Chinandega to Masaya 133.3 km
Chinandega to León 34.92 km
Juigalpa to León 167.85 km
Nandaime to Boaco 88.98 km
Chinandega to Nueva Guinea 309.4 km
Granada to León 114.5 km
León to Nueva Guinea 276.41 km
Granada to Ciudad Sandino 51.3 km
Chinandega to Jinotega 133.24 km
Camoapa to Masaya 78.45 km
Jalapa to Danlí 49.18 km
Jinotega to León 120.16 km
Chinandega to El Viejo 6.41 km
Matagalpa to Granada 108.84 km
San Marcos to Granada 27.74 km
Chinandega to Matagalpa 135.4 km
Jalapa to Juticalpa 83.46 km
León to Matagalpa 116.85 km
Camoapa to Jinotega 95.08 km
Granada to Juigalpa 66.14 km
Managua to Kanpur 15498.12 km
Río Blanco to Matagalpa 75.28 km
Masaya to Tipitapa 25.81 km
Camoapa to Boaco 18.73 km
Camoapa to Nandaime 90.47 km
Matagalpa to León 116.85 km
Chinandega to Managua 109.44 km
Ciudad Sandino to Granada 51.3 km
Estelí to León 91.73 km
El Crucero to San Marcos 14.33 km
Camoapa to Juigalpa 35.34 km
Camoapa to Diriamba 97.81 km
Camoapa to Masatepe 86.12 km
Jalapa to El Paraíso 45.37 km
Granada to Nueva Guinea 165.79 km
Somoto to Ocotal 19.81 km
Masaya to Jinotega 125.85 km
Río Blanco to Boaco 70.48 km
León to Estelí 91.73 km
Boaco to Masatepe 80.43 km
Jalapa to Ocotal 49.14 km
Somotillo to Estelí 60.34 km
San Marcos to San Rafael del Sur 26.26 km
Jalapa to Estelí 95.13 km
Estelí to Juigalpa 152.48 km
Managua to Hubli 16344.95 km
El Crucero to Boaco 88.36 km
Ciudad Sandino to Tipitapa 28.32 km
Jalapa to Jinotega 91.5 km
Jinotega to Granada 129.18 km
León to Jinotega 120.16 km
Matagalpa to Estelí 50.5 km
Río Blanco to Jinotega 86.31 km
León to Juigalpa 167.85 km
El Viejo to Chinandega 6.41 km
León to Masaya 98.52 km
Estelí to Managua 105.3 km
Estelí to El Viejo 99.91 km
Chinandega to Ciudad Sandino 97.82 km
Matagalpa to Jinotega 22.21 km
Masaya to Matagalpa 106.97 km
El Crucero to Nandaime 37.69 km
Jinotega to Managua 110.05 km
Masaya to León 98.52 km
Masatepe to San Rafael del Sur 32.15 km
Masaya to Ciudad Sandino 35.66 km
El Viejo to Managua 115.53 km
El Viejo to León 41.24 km
Jinotega to Matagalpa 22.21 km
Masaya to Estelí 126.49 km
Somoto to Jalapa 68.32 km
Masaya to Juigalpa 81.2 km
El Viejo to Matagalpa 138.51 km
El Viejo to Masaya 139.49 km
Masaya to Granada 16.75 km
Masaya to Nueva Guinea 182.52 km
Matagalpa to Masaya 106.97 km
Nandaime to Rivas 42.72 km