Distance fom New Zealand

Distance from New Zealand to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in New Zealand. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Auckland to Murcia 19637.9 km
Auckland to Buenos Aires 10377.05 km
Auckland to Jiaozuo 10203.33 km
Auckland to Callao 10775.27 km
Auckland to Niigata 9056.81 km
Auckland to Astana 13955.13 km
Auckland to Culiacán Rosales 10631.11 km
Auckland to Huancayo 10933.15 km
Christchurch to Meknes 18923.11 km
Christchurch to Nanchong 10658.12 km
Auckland to Zagreb 17990.84 km
Wellington to Alexandria 16698.17 km
Auckland to Hegang 10322.72 km
Christchurch to Anqing 9964.92 km
Christchurch to Mwanza 13520.75 km
Christchurch to Samut Prakan 9644.3 km
Christchurch to Zaria 16127.03 km
Christchurch to San Francisco 11132.07 km
Christchurch to Zhaoqing 9592.6 km
Wellington to Anápolis 12205.26 km
Christchurch to Contagem 12046.56 km
Wellington to Atlanta 13216.42 km
Christchurch to Ivanovo 16351.69 km
Wellington to Colorado Springs 12038.67 km
Levin to Masterton 48.12 km
Levin to Upper Hutt 58.65 km
Porirua to Levin 68.11 km
Porirua to Nelson 131.45 km
Porirua to Blenheim 84.83 km
Levin to Paraparaumu 40.02 km
Levin to Wellington 85.35 km
Masterton to Levin 48.12 km
Paraparaumu to Levin 40.02 km
Porirua to Hastings 237.33 km
Porirua to Rotorua 354.05 km
Hastings to Dunedin 865.07 km
Hastings to Nelson 351.74 km
Levin to Lower Hutt 72.55 km
Porirua to Hamilton 373.5 km
Porirua to Tauranga 399.23 km
Hamilton to Whangarei 244.2 km
Hastings to Napier 17.45 km
Hastings to Tauranga 224.47 km
Hastings to Rotorua 174.49 km
Levin to Palmerston North 40.55 km
Hastings to Lower Hutt 239.23 km
Hamilton to Napier 236.77 km
Masterton to Wellington 82.84 km
Hamilton to Hastings 246.37 km
Rotorua to Porirua 354.05 km
Whangarei to Napier 476.49 km
Rotorua to Auckland 194.23 km
Porirua to Dunedin 632.99 km
Hamilton to Lower Hutt 381.28 km
Levin to Porirua 68.11 km
Porirua to Auckland 475.8 km
Tauranga to Porirua 399.23 km
Paraparaumu to Masterton 54.81 km
Hastings to Auckland 359.15 km
Hastings to Palmerston North 131.58 km
Hastings to Wellington 253.08 km
Hamilton to Porirua 373.5 km
Blenheim to Nelson 62.74 km
Rotorua to Napier 161.15 km
Rotorua to Nelson 430.93 km
Rotorua to Dunedin 982.27 km
Rotorua to Lower Hutt 360 km
Masterton to Paraparaumu 54.81 km
Masterton to Porirua 71.61 km
Upper Hutt to Levin 58.65 km
Rotorua to Hamilton 93.71 km
Rotorua to Hastings 174.49 km
Whangarei to Porirua 602.09 km
Palmerston North to Hamilton 286.21 km
Napier to Rotorua 161.15 km
Hamilton to Auckland 113.76 km
Hamilton to Wellington 390.93 km
Lower Hutt to Palmerston North 112.01 km
Whangarei to Auckland 130.76 km
Porirua to Christchurch 322.41 km
Rotorua to Whangarei 317.91 km
Tauranga to Cambridge 65.49 km
Tauranga to Nelson 468.63 km
Tauranga to Whangarei 272.95 km
Lower Hutt to Blenheim 86.13 km
Masterton to Palmerston North 66.63 km
Hastings to Christchurch 556.37 km
Napier to Porirua 253.38 km
Palmerston North to Masterton 66.63 km
Upper Hutt to Wellington 30.56 km
Tauranga to Hastings 224.47 km
Upper Hutt to Lower Hutt 16.59 km
Rotorua to Palmerston North 252.12 km
Napier to Dunedin 882.04 km
Napier to Nelson 365.85 km
Tauranga to Dunedin 1023.66 km
Hamilton to Cambridge 20.18 km
Auckland to Agra 12330.9 km
Wellington to Aurora 12099.68 km
Hamilton to Pukekohe East 71.82 km