Distance fom Nepal

Distance from Nepal to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Nepal. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Dhangadhi to Butwal 300.29 km
Ilam to Darjeeling 36.18 km
Dhangadhi to Birgunj 459.78 km
Butwal to Hetauda 159.49 km
Janakpur to Butwal 267.77 km
Dhangadhi to Pokhara 333.48 km
Butwal to Birgunj 160.2 km
Siraha to Jaynagar 9.67 km
Butwal to Dhangadhi 300.29 km
Janakpur to Chakia 93.64 km
Biratnagar to Forbesganj 17.22 km
Nepalgunj to Butwal 184.65 km
Birgunj to Pokhara 165.55 km
Biratnagar to Dhangadhi 704.21 km
Hetauda to Gaur 75.65 km
Lahan to Jogbani 85.68 km
Nepalgunj to Tulsipur 67.28 km
Biratnagar to Madhepura 76 km
Bharatpur to Hetauda 66.22 km
Dhangadhi to Gulariya 87.44 km
Pokhara to Nepalgunj 232.57 km
Gaur to Birgunj 47.41 km
Hetauda to Kathmandu 43.17 km
Hetauda to Janakpur 116.77 km
Butwal to Tansen 20.94 km
Dhankuta to Ilam 59.53 km
Dhangadhi to Kathmandu 477.32 km
Siraha to Madhubani 36.5 km
Ilam to Biratnagar 81.79 km
Butwal to Bansi 77.53 km
Gulariya to Kathmandu 397.99 km
Butwal to Biratnagar 404.14 km
Kathmandu to Malang 4920.82 km
Biratnagar to Kishanganj 77.7 km
Panauti to Banepa 5.54 km
Tulsipur to Bhinga 58.85 km
Birgunj to Sitamarhi 76.03 km
Nepalgunj to Gulariya 34.46 km
Malangawa to Pupri 45.85 km
Bharatpur to Birgunj 87.02 km
Hetauda to Biratnagar 247.26 km
Malangawa to Janakpur 38.78 km
Janakpur to Nirmali 79.46 km
Malangawa to Jaynagar 64.38 km
Janakpur to Bharatpur 181.74 km
Dhangadhi to Khatima 66.94 km
Malangawa to Belsand 49.06 km
Biratnagar to Birgunj 247.58 km
Butwal to Khadda 71.35 km
Rajbiraj to Jaynagar 61.19 km
Ilam to Kishanganj 91.92 km
Kathmandu to Ajmer 1069.32 km
Kathmandu to Astana 2854.04 km
Birgunj to Kirtipur 85.4 km
Bharatpur to Biratnagar 313.46 km
Kathmandu to Dallas 13307 km
Kathmandu to Poznań 6176.5 km
Lahan to Forbesganj 91.82 km
Birgunj to Bettiah 42.32 km
Dhangadhi to Tanakpur 64.61 km
Kathmandu to Adana 4763.16 km
Biratnagar to Dhankuta 58.87 km
Kathmandu to Takamatsu 4665.05 km
Dhankuta to Khandbari 44.02 km
Kathmandu to Likasi 7626.67 km
Kathmandu to Al Ain 2977.87 km
Nepalgunj to Biswan 86.81 km
Tikapur to Dhangadhi 55.99 km
Dhangadhi to Biratnagar 704.21 km
Birgunj to Biratnagar 247.58 km
Bharatpur to Janakpur 181.74 km
Birgunj to Bharatpur 87.02 km
Ilam to Bhadrapur 43.7 km
Hetauda to Motihari 85.74 km
Gulariya to Pokhara 259.01 km
Birgunj to Gaur 47.41 km
Bharatpur to Butwal 97.01 km
Nepalgunj to Lakhimpur 84.01 km
Nepalgunj to Biratnagar 587.96 km
Rajbiraj to Jogbani 53.05 km
Birgunj to Banepa 95.2 km
Dhangadhi to Hetauda 457.88 km
Hetauda to Dhaka 84.98 km
Kathmandu to Matola 8203.53 km
Pokhara to Janakpur 257.24 km
Malangawa to Bairgania 32.44 km
Hetauda to Malangawa 80.68 km
Pokhara to Butwal 80.9 km
Janakpur to Bairgania 64.81 km
Janakpur to Siraha 29.34 km
Hetauda to Sagauli 78.15 km
Butwal to Janakpur 267.77 km
Bhadrapur to Ilam 43.7 km
Pokhara to Hetauda 140.5 km
Siraha to Darbhanga 67.51 km
Bharatpur to Dhangadhi 392.37 km
Janakpur to Patan 120.15 km
Banepa to Birgunj 95.2 km
Rajbiraj to Forbesganj 58.18 km
Tansen to Pokhara 60.5 km