Distance fom Madagascar

Distance from Madagascar to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Madagascar. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Andapa to Sambava 70.01 km
Anjozorobe to Ambatondrazaka 85.35 km
Ambatofinandrahana to Ambositra 47.08 km
Ambatolampy to Ankazondandy 84.13 km
Ambatolampy to Miandrarivo 71.91 km
Ambatolampy to Sadabe 89.6 km
Antsirabe to Toliara 519.83 km
Ambatolampy to Fandriana 94.25 km
Ambatofinandrahana to Betafo 78.81 km
Ambovombe to Antisiranana 1461.65 km
Ambatofinandrahana to Antsirabe 79.48 km
Antsirabe to Faratsiho 52.42 km
Ambatofinandrahana to Soanindrariny 84.49 km
Ambositra to Ikalamavony 99.14 km
Amparafaravola to Ambovombe 868.66 km
Ambatolampy to Soanindrariny 61.54 km
Antanifotsy to Amparafaravola 247.43 km
Antsirabe to Ambatofinandrahana 79.48 km
Antsirabe to Fianarantsoa 175.78 km
Antsirabe to Fandriana 54.67 km
Betafo to Ambositra 85.54 km
Antsirabe to Ambilobe 768.49 km
Mahajanga to Marovoay 55.97 km
Amparafaravola to Ambatondrazaka 34.87 km
Antanifotsy to Toliara 558.09 km
Avironimamo to Sadabe 70.93 km
Antsirabe to Miandrarivo 55.46 km
Antanifotsy to Soanindrariny 29.83 km
Amparafaravola to Toliara 795.41 km
Antanifotsy to Manjakandriana 95.32 km
Amparafaravola to Andilamena 73.54 km
Ambohitrolomahitsy to Manjakandriana 26.94 km
Antsirabe to Ambositra 75.44 km
Mahajanga to Ambato Boina 93.78 km
Antsirabe to Antisiranana 869.05 km
Ambositra to Betafo 85.54 km
Ambilobe to Hell-Ville 87.71 km
Ambatofinandrahana to Ikalamavony 71.59 km
Antanifotsy to Ambositra 96.13 km
Antanifotsy to Fandriana 64.7 km
Antanifotsy to Miandrarivo 64.62 km
Anjozorobe to Moramanga 71.93 km
Ambatolampy to Moramanga 96.86 km
Fandriana to Betafo 70.37 km
Avironimamo to Ankazobe 78.6 km
Ambatondrazaka to Amparafaravola 34.87 km
Antanifotsy to Ambilobe 737.25 km
Antanifotsy to Toamasina 275.86 km
Ambilobe to Ambanja 83.63 km
Ambohitrolomahitsy to Ankazobe 74.36 km
Ambohitrolomahitsy to Moramanga 64.23 km
Soanindrariny to Fandriana 39.43 km
Fianarantsoa to Toliara 409.91 km
Ifanadiana to Ambositra 95.46 km
Faratsiho to Antsirabe 52.42 km
Ambatofinandrahana to Fandriana 70.26 km
Amparafaravola to Antsirabe 281.87 km
Fianarantsoa to Ambalavao 44.91 km
Antanifotsy to Ambovombe 624.45 km
Ambositra to Antsirabe 75.44 km
Soanindrariny to Antsirabe 21.49 km
Soanindrariny to Betafo 40.39 km
Toliara to Toamasina 830.45 km
Ankazondandy to Ankazobe 83.18 km
Marovoay to Mahajanga 55.97 km
Betafo to Antsirabe 18.91 km
Antalaha to Maroantsetra 81.42 km
Ambohitrolomahitsy to Ankazondandy 10.55 km
Soanindrariny to Miandrarivo 72.08 km
Faratsiho to Miandrarivo 21.39 km
Ambato Boina to Sitampiky 68.68 km
Ambato Boina to Marovoay 40.56 km
Ifanadiana to Fianarantsoa 59.27 km
Soanindrariny to Antanifotsy 29.83 km
Marolambo to Nosy-Varika 71.51 km
Avironimamo to Soanindrariny 98.62 km
Antisiranana to Ambilobe 100.57 km
Faratsiho to Antanifotsy 48.36 km
Soanindrariny to Ambatolampy 61.54 km
Ikalamavony to Fianarantsoa 59.91 km
Ambatolampy to Ambohitrolomahitsy 80.08 km
Antalaha to Andapa 73.36 km
Ifanadiana to Mananjary 73.94 km
Mahajanga to Amparafaravola 289.4 km
Marovoay to Sitampiky 84.79 km
Avironimamo to Miandrarivo 65.47 km
Soanindrariny to Avironimamo 98.62 km
Maevatanana to Tsaratanana 88.94 km
Amparafaravola to Ambilobe 493.2 km
Anjozorobe to Amparafaravola 97.58 km
Soanindrariny to Ambositra 67.6 km
Sambava to Antalaha 71.77 km
Soanindrariny to Marolambo 95.6 km
Nosy-Varika to Mahanoro 81.45 km
Marovoay to Maevatanana 95.01 km
Ikalamavony to Ambalavao 81.6 km
Mahanoro to Marolambo 72.84 km
Ambanja to Ambilobe 83.63 km
Ankazondandy to Moramanga 54.91 km
Ambanja to Hell-Ville 36.79 km