Distance fom Libya

Distance from Libya to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Libya. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Tripoli to Tawau 11121.61 km
Tripoli to Mauá 8900.44 km
Tripoli to Toyohashi 10526.91 km
Tripoli to Düsseldorf 2103.29 km
Tripoli to Isfahan 3584.65 km
Tripoli to Zamboanga 11331.55 km
Tripoli to Cairo 1741.33 km
Tripoli to Los Angeles 11029.81 km
Tripoli to East London 7451.86 km
Ġaryān to Sirte 355.15 km
Misrata to Garoua 2561.23 km
Sirte to Misrata 192.33 km
Misrata to Jiaxing 9529.91 km
Misrata to Chiclayo 10876.7 km
Misrata to Daejeon 9649.27 km
Misrata to Naha 10373.68 km
Tripoli to Paris 1990.29 km
Misrata to Uyo 3117.57 km
Misrata to Akola 6222.16 km
Misrata to Oakland 11070.97 km
Misrata to Prague 1966.28 km
Misrata to Changsha 9054.68 km
Al-Khums to Tarhūnah 62.63 km
Ġaryān to Tarhūnah 65.14 km
Al-Khums to Misrata 83.53 km
Ġaryān to Tripoli 81.24 km
Ġaryān to Şurmān 77.01 km
Ġaryān to Mizdah 80.11 km
Ġaryān to Misrata 196.87 km
Ġaryān to Şabrātah 86.25 km
Ġaryān to Al-Khums 127.63 km
Sirte to Sabhā 507.46 km
Sirte to Şabrātah 428.38 km
Ġaryān to Sabhā 584.88 km
Sabhā to Tripoli 659.15 km
Sirte to Tarhūnah 311.12 km
Sabhā to Şabrātah 664.5 km
Şabrātah to Şurmān 11.51 km
Sabhā to Misrata 595.27 km
Sirte to Ġaryān 355.15 km
Ġaryān to Al Marj 736.7 km
Al-Khums to Al Marj 617.77 km
Sirte to Al-Khums 271.65 km
Tarhūnah to Sirte 311.12 km
Sabhā to Sirte 507.46 km
Sabhā to Ġaryān 584.88 km
Al-Khums to Sabhā 620.65 km
Sirte to Tripoli 371.12 km
Al-Khums to Tripoli 103.68 km
Sabhā to Al-Khums 620.65 km
Sabhā to Brak 58.3 km
Al Marj to Al-Abyār 39.86 km
Al-Khums to Şabrātah 170.23 km
Sirte to Al Marj 426.13 km
Şabrātah to Sabhā 664.5 km
Al-Khums to Sirte 271.65 km
Al Qubah to Sabhā 986.36 km
Şurmān to Tripoli 60.44 km
Şabrātah to Al Marj 787.24 km
Şabrātah to Tarhūnah 117.7 km
Tarhūnah to Tripoli 65.23 km
Tarhūnah to Ġaryān 65.14 km
Sabhā to Al Marj 864.89 km
Sabhā to Tarhūnah 602.91 km
Şabrātah to Sirte 428.38 km
Tarhūnah to Sabhā 602.91 km
Tarhūnah to Şabrātah 117.7 km
Zuwara to Şabrātah 38.21 km
Al-Khums to Ġaryān 127.63 km
Al-Abyār to Sabhā 826.13 km
Tarhūnah to Misrata 137.26 km
Şabrātah to Ġaryān 86.25 km
Şabrātah to Al-Khums 170.23 km
Şabrātah to Misrata 252.11 km
Şabrātah to Zuwara 38.21 km
Şurmān to Şabrātah 11.51 km
Al-Abyār to Az-Zuwaytinah 144.39 km
Tarhūnah to Al-Khums 62.63 km
Şurmān to Zuwara 49.61 km
Tarhūnah to Al Marj 676.77 km
Şabrātah to Tripoli 70.44 km
Al-Abyār to Al-Jawf 922.4 km
At Taj to Şabrātah 1422.46 km
Misrata to Brampton 7960.04 km
Misrata to Pasto 10166.38 km
Al-Abyār to Tarhūnah 656.1 km
Şurmān to Ġaryān 77.01 km
Al-Abyār to Şabrātah 768.39 km
Tripoli to Ahmedabad 5869.62 km
Al-Abyār to Misrata 518.91 km
Misrata to Ufa 4042.36 km
Misrata to Gaya 6772.08 km
Tripoli to Prague 1911.77 km
Tripoli to Makati 10740.59 km
Tripoli to Incheon 9618.37 km
Tripoli to Bremen 2270.53 km
Tripoli to Meerut 6084.02 km
Al-Abyār to Sirte 395.26 km
Misrata to Toluca 11028.43 km
Misrata to Valledupar 9242.48 km