Distance fom Lesotho

Distance from Lesotho to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Lesotho. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Maputsoe to Maseru 61.98 km
Maseru to Mafeteng 61.42 km
Maseru to Maputsoe 61.98 km
Mafeteng to Maseru 61.42 km
Butha Buthe to Bethlehem 61.3 km
Butha Buthe to Maputsoe 34.15 km
Maseru to Butha Buthe 93.76 km
Butha Buthe to Ladybrand 89.22 km
Mafeteng to Quthing 77.96 km
Butha Buthe to Phuthaditjhaba 63.4 km
Maseru to Botshabelo 73.09 km
Maseru to Thaba Nchu 64.03 km
Maputsoe to Butha Buthe 34.15 km
Butha Buthe to Maseru 93.76 km
Maputsoe to Senekal 70.83 km
Butha Buthe to Senekal 80.72 km
Maseru to Ladybrand 12.54 km
Maputsoe to Ladybrand 55.89 km
Mohales Hoek to Quthing 35.69 km
Mohales Hoek to Maseru 93.12 km
Maseru to Mohales Hoek 93.12 km
Mohales Hoek to Mafeteng 42.45 km
Maputsoe to Bethlehem 82.82 km
Mafeteng to Mohales Hoek 42.45 km
Quthing to Mafeteng 77.96 km
Maputsoe to Phuthaditjhaba 97.49 km
Mohales Hoek to Aliwal North 95.62 km
Mafeteng to Ladybrand 71.97 km
Mafeteng to Botshabelo 81.68 km
Qachas Nek to Quthing 99.69 km
Quthing to Qachas Nek 99.69 km
Mafeteng to Thaba Nchu 79.41 km
Quthing to Mohales Hoek 35.69 km
Qachas Nek to Kokstad 86.38 km