Distance fom Latvia

Distance from Latvia to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Latvia. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Daugavpils to Visaginas 31.59 km
Rīga to Grodno 365.27 km
Rīga to Isfahan 3422.51 km
Rīga to Jos 5379.09 km
Rīga to Lima 11797.29 km
Rīga to Essen 1267.17 km
Rīga to Foshan 7833.51 km
Rīga to Kawagoe 8070.03 km
Rīga to Omsk 3016.88 km
Daugavpils to Rokiškis 60.1 km
Rīga to Wŏnsan 7183.83 km
Rīga to Mangaluru 6494.44 km
Daugavpils to Utena 71.68 km
Jelgava to Mažeikiai 93.15 km
Jelgava to Šiauliai 83.65 km
Daugavpils to Liepāja 350.05 km
Liepāja to Jūrmala 166.96 km
Daugavpils to Jūrmala 216.15 km
Ogre to Rīga 33.94 km
Ogre to Jelgava 57.04 km
Ogre to Cēsis 68.12 km
Ogre to Jūrmala 61.99 km
Rēzekne to Daugavpils 86.31 km
Daugavpils to Rēzekne 86.31 km
Ogre to Tukums 90.12 km
Ogre to Valmiera 94.69 km
Liepāja to Telšiai 95.97 km
Daugavpils to Jelgava 194.66 km
Jelgava to Salaspils 44.86 km
Rēzekne to Jēkabpils 89.59 km
Cēsis to Rīga 80.92 km
Jelgava to Ogre 57.04 km
Jelgava to Jūrmala 33.57 km
Salaspils to Ogre 16.08 km
Daugavpils to Pastavy 86.95 km
Jēkabpils to Cēsis 97.3 km
Daugavpils to Rīga 191.93 km
Jūrmala to Ogre 61.99 km
Jūrmala to Rīga 29.72 km
Jelgava to Tukums 49.63 km
Cēsis to Salaspils 74.91 km
Liepāja to Jelgava 167.37 km
Ogre to Jēkabpils 85.56 km
Jelgava to Liepāja 167.37 km
Jūrmala to Liepāja 166.96 km
Jelgava to Rīga 40.68 km
Liepāja to Daugavpils 350.05 km
Daugavpils to Jēkabpils 80.86 km
Jūrmala to Jelgava 33.57 km
Cēsis to Valmiera 27.33 km
Tukums to Rīga 57.96 km
Tukums to Jelgava 49.63 km
Jēkabpils to Ogre 85.56 km
Ogre to Salaspils 16.08 km
Jēkabpils to Daugavpils 80.86 km
Liepāja to Klaipėda 89.61 km
Valmiera to Cēsis 27.33 km
Jelgava to Radviliškis 94.19 km
Cēsis to Ogre 68.12 km
Liepāja to Rīga 195.78 km
Liepāja to Kretinga 70.51 km
Valmiera to Salaspils 99.92 km
Salaspils to Tukums 74.12 km
Salaspils to Rīga 18.29 km
Cēsis to Jēkabpils 97.3 km
Jelgava to Daugavpils 194.66 km
Liepāja to Mažeikiai 84.98 km
Salaspils to Valmiera 99.92 km
Salaspils to Jūrmala 45.93 km
Valmiera to Ogre 94.69 km
Salaspils to Jelgava 44.86 km
Jēkabpils to Rokiškis 63.44 km
Salaspils to Cēsis 74.91 km
Tukums to Salaspils 74.12 km
Liepāja to Palanga 65.17 km
Liepāja to Plungė 83.99 km
Jūrmala to Salaspils 45.93 km
Tukums to Jūrmala 28.32 km
Jūrmala to Tukums 28.32 km
Jēkabpils to Rēzekne 89.59 km
Valmiera to Viljandi 92.85 km
Tukums to Mažeikiai 88.82 km
Rīga to Kursk 974.94 km
Rīga to Ibadan 5771.41 km
Rīga to Makiivka 1361.7 km
Rīga to Stuttgart 1350.23 km
Rīga to Lisbon 3156.05 km
Rīga to Palembang 9717.7 km
Rīga to Sochi 1847.88 km
Jūrmala to Daugavpils 216.15 km
Rīga to Jacksonville 8114.26 km
Rīga to Pachuca 9958.67 km
Rīga to Katsina 5077.5 km
Rīga to Kazan 1543.35 km
Rīga to Apodaca 9465.3 km
Rīga to Homs‎ 2646.65 km
Tukums to Ogre 90.12 km
Rīga to Erzurum 2267.28 km
Rīga to Nara 8011.15 km
Rīga to Doha 4143.65 km