Distance fom Jordan

Distance from Jordan to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Jordan. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Amman to Bursa 1103.22 km
Amman to Rome 2351.86 km
Amman to Nagano 8928.29 km
Amman to Khabarovsk 8035.59 km
Amman to Naberezhnye Chelny 2935.08 km
Amman to Beirut 218.37 km
Irbid to Cluj-Napoca 1892.99 km
Amman to Athens 1298.97 km
Amman to Yazd 1739.01 km
Irbid to Dublin 4053.85 km
Irbid to Bamenda 3970.63 km
Irbid to Nesher 79.61 km
Irbid to El Paso 11861.94 km
Amman to Ahmadi 1206.94 km
Amman to Irkutsk 5838.86 km
Irbid to Denver 11046.18 km
Irbid to Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl 12523.49 km
Irbid to Cuttack 5115.15 km
Irbid to Ciudad Juarez 11869.18 km
Irbid to Andijan 3356.15 km
Ar Ramtha to Tafas 19.61 km
Ar Ramtha to Al Mafraq 30.19 km
Safi to Bet Shemesh 91.34 km
Jarash to Inkhil 84.41 km
Ar Ramtha to Jarash 33.75 km
Jarash to Irbid 30.13 km
Jarash to Al Mafraq 31.01 km
Ar Ramtha to As Salt 64.18 km
Ar Ramtha to As Sanamayn 58.13 km
Ar Ramtha to Kafr Manda 75.48 km
Madaba to Aqaba 254.02 km
Ar Ramtha to Safed 65.21 km
Ar Ramtha to Haifa 98.92 km
Al Mafraq to Jasim 71.77 km
Madaba to Lod 89.52 km
Ar Ramtha to Jasim 47.45 km
Aqaba to Eilat 5.98 km
Jarash to Kafr Manda 84.96 km
Jarash to Kafr Qasim 89.79 km
Madaba to Amman 29.95 km
Jarash to Kafr Kanna 74.28 km
Jarash to Ar Ramtha 33.75 km
Al Mafraq to Inkhil 72.92 km
Ar Ramtha to Nesher 92.72 km
As Salt to Sakhnin 99.6 km
As Salt to Karak 97.43 km
Aqaba to Irbid 343.84 km
Safi to Netivot 93.29 km
Jarash to Amman 35.72 km
Jarash to Nesher 96.97 km
Al Mafraq to As Salt 58.61 km
Jarash to Netanya 99.24 km
Madaba to As Salt 36.48 km
Madaba to Irbid 91.78 km
As Salt to Ness Ziyyona 88.01 km
Al Mafraq to Madaba 81.75 km
Madaba to Or Yehuda 95.18 km
Al Mafraq to As Sanamayn 78.74 km
Al Mafraq to As Suwayda 49.72 km
As Salt to Bnei Brak 84 km
As Salt to Bet Shemesh 76.91 km
As Salt to Ar Ramtha 64.18 km
As Salt to Modi'in Ilit 65.53 km
Amman to Foshan 7535.01 km
Amman to Shangrao 7703.3 km
Safi to Karak 32.38 km
Madaba to Karak 61.58 km
Madaba to Al Mafraq 81.75 km
Al Mafraq to Ar Ramtha 30.19 km
As Salt to Aqaba 286.72 km
Irbid to Buraydah 1044.88 km
Amman to Qingdao 7553.38 km
Amman to Kanpur 4329.54 km
As Salt to Jarash 31.12 km
As Salt to Ramat Gan 84.91 km
Amman to Santos 10707.36 km
Al Mafraq to Tiberias 80.6 km
Safi to Jerusalem 85.17 km
Amman to Nanjing 7605.43 km
Amman to Sacramento 11854.89 km
Amman to Smolensk 2555.45 km
Amman to Suwon 8032.02 km
Amman to Katowice 2468.02 km
Madaba to Ar Ramtha 96.27 km
Safi to Ofakim 85.76 km
Safi to Sderot 98.86 km
Madaba to Qalansawe 99.19 km
Amman to Tyumen 3599.2 km
Amman to Kitwe 5023.3 km
Al Mafraq to Jarash 31.01 km
Amman to Sulaymaniyah 964.59 km
Amman to Manila 8707.73 km
Amman to Liaoyuan 7617.23 km
Amman to Jambi 8016.14 km
Al Mafraq to Kafr Kanna 92.73 km
Irbid to Barranquilla 11235.19 km
Irbid to Denpasar 9541.82 km
Aqaba to Ar Ramtha 349.99 km
Amman to Matamoros 11929.47 km
Amman to Da Nang 7431.54 km