Distance fom Iraq

Distance from Iraq to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Iraq. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Baghdad to Nashik 3259.05 km
Karbala to Qom 673.21 km
Baghdad to Qom 613.82 km
Basrah to Bucheon-si 7119.72 km
Erbil to Izmir 1513.4 km
Mosul to Mecca 1685.01 km
Basrah to George Town 6145.55 km
Basrah to Fort Worth 12104.69 km
Baghdad to Jilin 6956.07 km
Baghdad to Long Beach 12359.16 km
Basrah to Ilorin 5108 km
Basrah to Bursa 2009.03 km
Kirkuk to Seongnam-si 7166.75 km
Kirkuk to Bhavnagar 3100.88 km
Basrah to Katowice 3248.36 km
Erbil to Pontianak 7820.36 km
Basrah to El Hoceima 4817.42 km
Kirkuk to Fujisawa 8246.22 km
Baghdad to Volgograd 1707.49 km
Baghdad to Enugu 4831.62 km
Kirkuk to Agadir 5010.56 km
Basrah to Cluj-Napoca 2756.65 km
Mosul to Yerevan 443.52 km
Basrah to João Pessoa 9714.37 km
Kirkuk to Ahmedabad 3058 km
Karbala to Shiraz 881.59 km
Mosul to Frankfurt 3150.03 km
Erbil to Bloemfontein 7465.2 km
Erbil to Coacalco 12715.26 km
Basrah to Carapicuíba 11724.56 km
Kirkuk to Shaoguan 6646.61 km
Baghdad to Donetsk 1723.08 km
Baghdad to Kano 4339.1 km
Erbil to Asahikawa 7925.96 km
Erbil to Akure 5079 km
Mosul to Ouagadougou 5187.56 km
Erbil to Niterói 11233.32 km
Erbil to Miyazaki 7793.24 km
Kirkuk to Atlanta 10674.8 km
Kirkuk to San Miguel de Tucuman 13375.79 km
Kirkuk to Erzurum 561.28 km
Mosul to Juiz de Fora 11112.77 km
Baghdad to Bengbu 6656.24 km
Najaf to Bhavnagar 2976.64 km
Mosul to Bogor 8149.41 km
Erbil to Gwalior 3418.47 km
Mosul to Jacksonville 10650.12 km
Karbala to Bucheon-si 7313.24 km
Najaf to Cagayan de Oro 8608.01 km
Karbala to Sulaymaniyah 350.08 km
Karbala to San Salvador 12878.32 km
Najaf to Ottawa 9521.15 km
Karbala to Guadalajara 13170.09 km
Najaf to Bologna 3174.43 km
Diwaniyah to Changchun 6913.79 km
Najaf to Bilimora 3104.97 km
Kirkuk to Astana 2781.67 km
Najaf to Ardabil 781.22 km
Erbil to Jiamusi 6936.12 km
Mosul to Muzaffarnagar 3304.58 km
Karbala to Naypyitaw 5341.76 km
Najaf to Raipur 3878.42 km
Diwaniyah to Chennai 4166.21 km
Mosul to Lyon 3348.63 km
Diwaniyah to Cardiff 4443.76 km
Diwaniyah to Chitungwiza 5726.4 km
Karbala to Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl 13040.22 km
Najaf to Bengbu 6719.41 km
Karbala to San Miguel de Tucuman 13275.57 km
Diwaniyah to Virginia Beach 10225.1 km
Najaf to Busan 7617.28 km
Baghdad to Anqing 6730.22 km
Sulaymaniyah to Mosul 225.54 km
Karbala to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 5664.46 km
Diwaniyah to Cape Town 7807.12 km
Nasiriyah to Al Ain 1213.25 km
Diwaniyah to Ashgabat 1391.55 km
Najaf to Grodno 2910.58 km
Mosul to Ho Chi Minh City 6936.47 km
Diwaniyah to Barnaul 3894.97 km
Diwaniyah to Dnepropetrovsk 2009.38 km
Sulaymaniyah to Van 375.31 km
Nasiriyah to Pune 3103.65 km
Sulaymaniyah to Amravati 3540.58 km
Nasiriyah to Comilla 4498.43 km
Diwaniyah to Shymkent 2460.97 km
Sulaymaniyah to Subang Jaya 6789.64 km
Sulaymaniyah to Cochabamba 13051.3 km
Halabja to Baneh 90.92 km
Sulaymaniyah to Basrah 602.65 km
Nasiriyah to Nanded 3384.4 km
Nasiriyah to Bangui 4138.41 km
Nasiriyah to Bekasi 7653.71 km
Sulaymaniyah to San Juan 10656.99 km
Al-Hay to Shatrah 84.72 km
Sulaymaniyah to Chitungwiza 6118.03 km
Nasiriyah to Franca 11498.86 km
Kufa to Najaf 7.58 km
Nasiriyah to Betim 11175.34 km
Al-Hay to Kufa 156.44 km