Distance fom Colombia

Distance from Colombia to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Colombia. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Cali to Brno 9949.06 km
Cali to Indore 15850.72 km
Bello to Bhopal 15617.91 km
Bello to Odessa 10730.63 km
Armenia to Amritsar 14938.87 km
Armenia to Abidjan 7941.81 km
Barranquilla to Batman 11445.33 km
Bello to Funabashi 14060.53 km
Cúcuta to Dasmariñas 17144.02 km
Cali to Chita 13781.62 km
Bello to Montes Claros 4322.7 km
Armenia to Belém 3095.5 km
Ibagué to Firozabad 15514.7 km
Armenia to Amman 11760 km
Armenia to Fuzhou 16257.58 km
Bello to Wenshan 16714.22 km
Bello to Resistencia 4142.42 km
Barranquilla to Brakpan 11855.35 km
Barranquilla to Bursa 10380.3 km
Barranquilla to Columbus 3308.61 km
Barranquilla to Aleppo 11196.16 km
Ibagué to Chaozhou 16643.53 km
Bello to Calabar 9283.85 km
Bello to Klang 18917.54 km
Barranquilla to Changsha 15584.91 km
Ibagué to Ajmer 15305.63 km
Armenia to Tyumen 12327.84 km
Bello to Juiz de Fora 4692.29 km
Cali to Hefei 15841.09 km
Cali to Bauru 4129.94 km
Armenia to Shaoxing 15812.85 km
Ibagué to Al Hudaydah 12893.57 km
Bucaramanga to Antalya 10755.26 km
Barranquilla to Arequipa 3053.13 km
Armenia to Andijan 14023.21 km
Cartagena to Katsina 9020.74 km
Cali to Jaipur 15529.63 km
Cali to Kaluga 11137.48 km
Ibagué to Khulna 16571.76 km
Cali to Basrah 13028.12 km
Ibagué to Ahwaz 12887.5 km
Cartagena to Bremen 8710.11 km
Ibagué to Ecatepec 3079.65 km
Cali to Macapá 2857.69 km
Armenia to Belgorod 11160.36 km
Bucaramanga to Anqing 15698.73 km
Cúcuta to Bahawalpur 14384.12 km
Armenia to Amsterdam 8970.05 km
Barranquilla to Indore 15103.15 km
Cúcuta to Albuquerque 4600.49 km
Bello to Monrovia 7159.96 km
Cúcuta to El Hoceima 7564.66 km
Barranquilla to Zhenjiang 14992.55 km
Madrid to Caldas 213.79 km
Bucaramanga to Miami 2195.5 km
Cúcuta to Benin City 8617.94 km
Bucaramanga to Cherepovets 10501.17 km
Bucaramanga to Antipolo 17140.23 km
Bucaramanga to Anshan 14417.92 km
Pasto to Carapicuíba 4282.63 km
Cúcuta to Birmingham 8005.99 km
Bucaramanga to Chennai 16330.54 km
Cúcuta to Dombivli 15204.18 km
Cartagena to Jining 14779.27 km
Cúcuta to Cuernavaca 3135.24 km
Cali to Cuiabá 3083.47 km
Ibagué to Beira 12286.3 km
Neiva to Grodno 10345.5 km
Madrid to Buga 244.42 km
Soacha to Vitoria 4617.6 km
Bucaramanga to Amman 11364.56 km
Ibagué to Bochum 9100.96 km
Barranquilla to Calamba 16718.7 km
Bucaramanga to Baicheng 13951.68 km
Bucaramanga to Canoas 4721.75 km
Pasto to Khamis Mushait 13126.26 km
Villavicencio to Merida 2538.06 km
Cartagena to Birmingham 7987.24 km
Cúcuta to Nouakchott 6214.65 km
Medellin to Indianapolis 3861.08 km
Cartagena to Basrah 12462.98 km
Neiva to Aba 9175.37 km
Neiva to Betim 4237.11 km
Ibagué to Agra 15487.15 km
Pasto to Campina Grande 4692.68 km
Neiva to Ipoh 19084.76 km
Cartagena to Kingston 852.02 km
Neiva to Bhopal 15875.96 km
Pasto to Kawaguchi 14403.72 km
Pasto to Indianapolis 4364.27 km
Neiva to Mandaluyong 17375.14 km
Cartagena to Almaty 13441.3 km
Neiva to Nice 9186.18 km
Cartagena to Aparecida de Goiânia 4170.84 km
Neiva to Beijing 15114.15 km
Cartagena to Kathmandu 15315.12 km
Medellin to Betim 4494.89 km
Soacha to Christchurch 12217.36 km
Medellin to Quezon City 17063.87 km
Medellin to Anshun 16403.96 km