Distance fom Canada

Distance from Canada to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Canada. How far is a city in France to an other city.

London to Arequipa 6650.81 km
Halifax to Canberra 17063.21 km
Laval to Zaporizhia 7559.88 km
London to Cambridge 86.23 km
London to Gwalior 12058.66 km
Calgary to Depok 13789.55 km
London to Guayaquil 5003.09 km
London to Bhavnagar 12337.02 km
London to Asyut 9624.1 km
Surrey to Jalandhar 10902.08 km
Montreal to Nouakchott 6083.27 km
Halifax to Abbadan 9220.09 km
Surrey to Kerman 11202.32 km
Brampton to Villahermosa 3111.06 km
London to Holguín 2494.25 km
Calgary to Bucheon-si 8548.09 km
London to Volzhskiy 8552.65 km
Calgary to Djibouti 12724.71 km
London to Hachioji 10375.24 km
Calgary to Brest 7906.35 km
Brampton to Diadema 8196.14 km
Laval to Zamboanga 13978.72 km
Vancouver to Wakayama 7972.09 km
Brampton to Franca 7845.91 km
Brampton to Fresno 3456.46 km
Hamilton to Aba 9399.74 km
Vancouver to Osasco 11024 km
Calgary to Hangzhou 9552.37 km
Mississauga to Harare 13014.58 km
Halifax to Celaya 4340.66 km
Montreal to Allahabad 11765.67 km
Montreal to Chandigarh 11048.31 km
Hamilton to Jhansi 12085.71 km
Quebec City to Bangkok 13246.92 km
Calgary to Belo Horizonte 10400.24 km
Vancouver to Ansan-si 8209.08 km
Brampton to Brest 7112.15 km
Laval to Almaty 9744 km
Halifax to Belém 5321.66 km
Montreal to Cleveland 792.95 km
Halifax to Abeokuta 7633.71 km
Montreal to Tangerang 15649.03 km
Surrey to Lucknow 11259.37 km
Montreal to San Diego 3971.76 km
Halifax to Al Ain 10225.31 km
Montreal to Bydgoszcz 6246.92 km
Calgary to Fes 8318.53 km
Edmonton to Kermanshah 10091.5 km
Hamilton to Beira 13482.22 km
London to Kisangani 11303.21 km
Surrey to Jilin 7694.65 km
Hamilton to Oran 6611.29 km
Brampton to Brakpan 13391.27 km
Montreal to Aden 11104.52 km
Brampton to Cardiff 5554.87 km
Winnipeg to Jiamusi 8359.76 km
Calgary to Dezhou 9041.02 km
Laval to Chennai 13001.7 km
Halifax to Punasa 11560.05 km
Laval to Indianapolis 1206.58 km
Halifax to Cuiabá 6714.45 km
Orangeville to Stratford 94.16 km
Montreal to Amsterdam 5511.75 km
Brampton to Alicante 6431.97 km
Kingston to Fredericton 797.75 km
Hamilton to Aleppo 9148.17 km
Edmonton to Cleveland 2711.17 km
Brampton to Cherepovets 7259.11 km
Surrey to Suez 10905.18 km
Hamilton to Wenshan 12612.76 km
Brampton to Coventry 5619.13 km
Hamilton to Mumbai 12565.03 km
Surrey to Machida 7621 km
Edmonton to Hirakata 8182.96 km
Edmonton to Hiroshima 8389.28 km
Edmonton to Machida 7913.69 km
Edmonton to Manchester 6558 km
Montreal to Naberezhnye Chelny 7700.42 km
Laval to Gaya 11917.28 km
Edmonton to Brussels 7066.61 km
Laval to Korba 12111.99 km
Surrey to Bhagalpur 11246.18 km
Laval to Al Qadarif 10331.78 km
Edmonton to Hamilton 2707.37 km
Laval to Ikeja 8481.89 km
Quebec City to Detroit 1059.6 km
Hamilton to Lomé 8824.49 km
Calgary to Diwaniyah 10578.49 km
Quebec City to Bamako 6963.1 km
Mississauga to Langfang 10652.96 km
Edmonton to Bhilwara 11232.44 km
Quebec City to Pretoria 12743.66 km
Halifax to Corpus Christi 3531.37 km
Winnipeg to Nasiriyah 10339.53 km
Laval to Asmara 10473.61 km
Ottawa to Handan 10859.46 km
Calgary to Erbil 10105.47 km
Quebec City to Ajmer 11199.47 km
Winnipeg to Hermosillo 2590.31 km
Surrey to Kirkuk 10542.38 km