Distance fom Albania

Distance from Albania to other cities. How many miles or kilometer any cities in Albania. How far is a city in France to an other city.

Gjirokaster to Fier 86.54 km
Kavajë to Shkodër 98.4 km
Berat to Korçë 71.31 km
Korçë to Kozani 92.63 km
Berat to Vlorë 47.33 km
Berat to Kuçovë 10.86 km
Tirana to Rīga 1764.42 km
Gjirokaster to Sarandë 22.83 km
Berat to Kavajë 61.82 km
Shkodër to Vlorë 178.18 km
Korçë to Vlorë 110.77 km
Berat to Fier 32.26 km
Gjirokaster to Ioannina 78.13 km
Korçë to Gjirokaster 83.42 km
Tirana to Cali 10289.63 km
Tirana to Daegu 8803.63 km
Lushnjë to Fier 25.62 km
Tirana to Łódź 1159.94 km
Fier to Vlorë 29.88 km
Gjirokaster to Berat 72.51 km
Durrës to Fier 66.11 km
Burrel to Elbasan 55.79 km
Tirana to Sale 2469.56 km
Tirana to Van 2031.75 km
Durrës to Elbasan 58.11 km
Fier to Durrës 66.11 km
Kavajë to Durrës 17.46 km
Korçë to Fier 103.5 km
Burrel to Durrës 56.69 km
Burrel to Kavajë 59.99 km
Tirana to Sochi 1652.03 km
Korçë to Florina 56.93 km
Tirana to Coventry 2027.56 km
Berat to Sarandë 92.74 km
Kuçovë to Vlorë 52.31 km
Tirana to Kano 3429.25 km
Lushnjë to Berat 32.33 km
Lushnjë to Vlorë 55.09 km
Korçë to Ptolemaida 77.1 km
Vlorë to Durrës 94.62 km
Vlorë to Fier 29.88 km
Kavajë to Vlorë 80.16 km
Fier to Elbasan 61.27 km
Tirana to Bengbu 8245.87 km
Durrës to Vlorë 94.63 km
Korçë to Elbasan 80.2 km
Korçë to Shkodër 193.64 km
Vlorë to Sarandë 79.32 km
Elbasan to Tirana 32.98 km
Elbasan to Vlorë 87.82 km
Fier to Tirana 70.03 km
Kuçovë to Berat 10.86 km
Kavajë to Burrel 59.99 km
Lushnjë to Elbasan 37.99 km
Gjirokaster to Korçë 83.42 km
Berat to Lushnjë 32.33 km
Vlorë to Shkodër 178.18 km
Elbasan to Korçë 80.2 km
Shkodër to Durrës 83.71 km
Korçë to Kuçovë 75.94 km
Elbasan to Lushnjë 37.99 km
Berat to Gjirokaster 72.51 km
Fier to Korçë 103.5 km
Sarandë to Berat 92.74 km
Lushnjë to Kuçovë 23.1 km
Vlorë to Lushnjë 55.09 km
Elbasan to Fier 61.27 km
Lushnjë to Kavajë 30.18 km
Elbasan to Laç 65.83 km
Gjirokaster to Vlorë 68.75 km
Kavajë to Kuçovë 51.59 km
Lushnjë to Korçë 97.65 km
Shkodër to Korçë 193.64 km
Sarandë to Gjirokaster 22.83 km
Laç to Lushnjë 77.75 km
Berat to Durrës 79.27 km
Berat to Struga 80.88 km
Vlorë to Kuçovë 52.31 km
Elbasan to Kavajë 44.75 km
Fier to Shkodër 149.1 km
Korçë to Struga 63.16 km
Kuçovë to Kavajë 51.59 km
Kuçovë to Elbasan 36.98 km
Kuçovë to Fier 30.88 km
Shkodër to Tirana 86.47 km
Vlorë to Berat 47.33 km
Lushnjë to Durrës 47.47 km
Shkodër to Fier 149.11 km
Kuçovë to Debar 94.76 km
Durrës to Korçë 136.31 km
Vlorë to Elbasan 87.82 km
Burrel to Centar Zhupa 48.44 km
Kuçovë to Laç 93.6 km
Gjirokaster to Kuçovë 83.37 km
Lushnjë to Laç 77.75 km
Lushnjë to Struga 86.61 km
Kukës to Gostivar 51.28 km
Kavajë to Fier 50.75 km
Kavajë to Berat 61.82 km
Elbasan to Kuçovë 36.98 km